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Self Storage
The self storage contract is an important piece of document which you and the storage provider have to sign as an agreement to abide by the clauses which affect both of you and are formulated in mutual interest. There is nothing more damaging in signing a piece of paper without being knowledgeable about its content. It is alright to be charged, but you must know what you are paying for and what the services you are getting in return.

To be doubly sure that you are getting into a good and beneficial contract with the storage company it is a wise idea to ask for a dummy copy of their contract which you can relax and read through in the comfort of your home, before making any final commitment. This gives you adequate time to mull over the areas of concern and check these out with the owner or representative, before signing on the paper. There are several aspects which a self-storage contract covers and there are an equally large number of items which deserve your special attention. Here are some areas which you can look into:

Are there any penalty charges for late payment? If yes, how much would be the fees.

Is it covered in the company policy that the storage facility is equally accessible by their employees?

Look for any discrepancies, between what they promised you verbally and what is stipulated in the written contract.

Check out on all the charges that you are asked to pay for and what types of facility you are getting in turn.

A contract with any self-storage unit should carry a complete list of inventory of the goods stored. You must confirm with the company that the list you have matches completely with the list they have. This list should appear in the contract.

Look for their policy regarding removal or addition of any items to your rented space.

Most reputed self-storage companies offer assistance in transporting your goods from your home to the storage unit and transporting them back, once you give up on the space. While this service is free, some companies offer it only during lean periods or for limited period of time, or even the volume of goods. These points must be well-covered in the contract, since you wish to use the company’s tools and equipment for shifting of your goods.

Most storage companies demand a deposit at the time of booking. Check the contract to know about the terms and conditions applicable regarding the refund of this deposit and what the fate of the deposit will be if you decide to give up the rented space within a short notice. These types of information are usually written in fine print and you might be taken for a good surprise when you do not get any refund since you did not fulfill some of their pre-set conditions.

Most self-storage units do not cover the cost of comprehensive insurance into their rental fees. Since covering your stored goods under a good insurance policy is a must, check carefully what is mentioned regarding insurance coverage, which is included in the rental fees. Be aware that you might not be eligible for some of the other rights of their contract, if you decide not to opt for a more comprehensive insurance coverage for your stored goods.
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